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I’m not saying it’s fair, or even possible to try to care about every person or demographic. All I’m begging for is that we at least try not to be so hateful.

this is gonna be bombarded with arrogant, bigoted, idiotic comments soon, so i want you guys to see the actual version first. 

Honestly, don’t take pride in being so hateful. It just ruins your heart.

Whoever made this is fantastic and should feel proud, no matter what the other people say. No, even what I say should not matter to this person as this person should feel proud either way.

I literally just posted a huge rant about this exact same topic about 10 minutes ago. Whoever made this says it way better than I did.

I read it; lost it on my dash. > A> But now that I have your blog name, I shall look for it. Unless you post as much as I do, in which case I will humbly request a link.

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